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COVID-19 Information and Updates

This webpage was last updated on Jan 10, 2022 @ 12:59 am

Safety and Sanitization

Around COVID-19, the safety and security of our owners, guests, and crew is our first priority. We are working hard to maintain the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene at our facilities, as we always are. We keep a close eye on the coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning and sanitization standards issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to make sure our team is following them.

Our cleaning and sanitizing procedures are uniquely designed to fight a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19. In addition, we have added to them to make them more sanitary and help fight this virus. Furthermore, learning and sanitizing, as well as personal hygiene, make sure we leverage industry best practices.

Employee and Guest Safety

It’s very important for us to support our team and keep them safe so that we can keep our properties clean.

Handwashing is very important to prevent the spread of many viruses and bacteria, so our team is reminded often to wash their hands properly.

Each time we clean a unit, we have to put on a new pair of gloves. This way, we don’t spread germs while we clean. There must be a social distance of at least 6 feet between guests and employees when everyone wears a mask.

Smaller units are usually cleaned by one housekeeper. When it is necessary to have more than one housekeeper clean the home, they use social distancing practices to keep them from getting close to each other. If a member of the team is sick, they must stay home until they are feeling better so that everyone else can stay healthy. Everyone wears a mask on the property and in public areas where a 6ft social distance or more can’t be kept. All guests and employees must wear masks.

Cleaning Products and Procedures

Make sure you have the right products and processes in place to clean properly, especially when you are fighting COVID-19. This is especially important.

The cleaning and sanitizing products recommended for COVID-19 to clean and sanitize each property’s hard and soft services. In addition, we leverage hospital-grade sanitizers.

Every time a guest checks out, the property must be completely cleaned and sanitized. Before a new guest can check in, the property has to be thoroughly cleaned.

Public Spaces: Our team has been more often cleaning and sanitizing elevators, door handles, light switches, and room keys, which are all public places.

Owner and Guest Responsibility

We are also hoping that owners and guests will follow smart rules and clean up after themselves during this time. It is important to make sure that everyone is doing their part, to keep the spread and contact to a minimum, during these very special times we are going through.

We will continue to closely track recommendations by the CDC and WHO and will adjust our processes as advised.

Current Cancellation Information

It’s important to us that you’re concerned about travel because of recent news about international travel and personal hygiene. Because of this, Water Street Inn has changed its cancellation policy to better reflect these changes.

Cancellation Policy and Exceptions to Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policies and terms and conditions change based on: Covid19/fears of travel/limited services in other businesses/restrictions on what other service providers can do/restrictions on how they use limited-service lodging facilities.

In order to get your deposit back, we need a 7-day notice from Labor Day to June 1. There must be a 14-day notice to get your deposit back if you make a reservation from June 1 to Labor Day. Refunds are not ever given for parts of a stay unused because the guest arrived late. For early departures, refunds are only given if the rest of the reservation rents. Reservation deposits refunded if it rents again. If you give less than the required notice, you won’t get your money back. Please note that all cancellations are subject to a $25.00 service fee, so make sure you know that.


Travelers Insurance

Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of canceling a trip because of bad weather. All through the reservation process on our website, you can get CSA Insurance. We think you should talk to them about your options and insurance coverage. 1-866-999-4018.

We are paying close attention to government-issued rules. Based on these guidelines, we will change our policies at the right times.