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Winter Activities

explore Skiing in northern michigan

Head To The Edgewater Inn This Winter!

Once you have settled into your comfortable condotel check out the winter activities. Charlevoix has many great ski resorts and tons of mountain winter fun for the family. If you are on a romantic getaway, there is nothing cozier than snuggling together on a ski lift to the top of a mountain.

If skiing is not your thing, there are plenty of other winter activities in Charlevoix that will make you smile. The Charlevoix area winter activities are run by friendly helpful people who love to make sure you and your family have a safe and fun winter experience.

Dog Sledding

Have you seen someone standing on the back of a wooden sled with a pack of beautiful Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes and said, “I want to try that?” While you are in Charlevoix, you can have the dog sled experience. There are a couple of experienced guided sledding tours near the Inn. Children 10 years old and above can try the awesome dog sledding adventure. Adults can enjoy it too, of course.

Any child under 10 can ride in the passenger space in front of the dog sled driver. The sled is able to carry the younger passengers and significant others. Experienced guides will explain to willing parties how to successfully maneuver a sled while the pack of dogs does all the work of trudging through the snow. You and your family can enjoy the feeling of gliding through the snow on a dog sled. Dog sledding in Charlevoix is an experience you’ll enjoy.

Snow Shoeing

If you like a little cardio in your winter activity, snowshoeing may be just what you are looking for. There are plenty of rental places to rent the snowshoes and anything else you need to complete your snow-shoeing adventure. Knowledgeable guides will instruct you on what trails are best for snowshoeing to ensure your safety and fun time. Mt. McSauba is a great place to start your snowshoeing adventure. Bundle up and go on out to the mountain area and check out the picturesque beauty this area has to offer. When you head back to your place and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa or coffee you can share your favorite parts of the day.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another favorite winter activity in the Charlevoix area. Both residents and tourists enjoy the cold weather that makes the area perfect for the few skating rinks near The Edgewater Inn. You can rent your ice skates and all you have to bring is a good pair of wool socks and your ability to balance and glide across the ice. There are people of all ages and abilities skating on the ice. Everyone is on the ice rink to have a great time. There will always be someone there happy to help you if you fall.

All types of Ski Activities


Mt McSauba is not only great for snowshoeing but also many flocks to the mountain for winter skiing. You can find all the equipment you need at the mountain. If snowboarding is your thing, there are plenty of snowboards to rent. If you are old school, there are plenty of skis, poles, and other equipment to rent. You can take private lessons or group lessons if you are a first-time skier or you need a refresher course. The views are beautiful from the different runs you can choose to ski down. There are also cross-country ski trails if you like.


Now some people prefer a little more action when it comes to winter activities. Snowmobiling is just such power you might be looking for. You can rent snowmobiles in the Charlevoix area to explore the wilderness in the area. The power of the snowmobiles makes a fast and exciting ride through the paths and trails.

A guide will help you know where to go. You will be briefed on safety so you can have the best experience. All those who don’t want to do much exercise but still want to enjoy the beauty of the winter in the Charlevoix area are urged to try taking a ride on a snowmobile and feel the cool air while taking in the nice views.

Downhill Sledding

Sledding is part of Winter Activities near the Edgewater Inn

Low Key Winter Activtities

If you are more of a low-key winter activity participant then maybe sledding is more you think. Mt. McSauba also rents sleds. You can securely glide down one of the hills of Mt McSauba and laugh as the cool wind whips through your hair and reddens your nose. One cool thing about the sledding there is that you can actually sled after sundown.

The area has lights. You can glide across the natural or manmade powder under the light of the moon and the beams of light bulbs. You can spend your whole weekend at McSauba and never do the same thing twice. There are so many winter activities at Mt. McSauba. You will have an awesome winter experience in Charlevoix whatever level of activity you choose.

Winter Photographing

The beauty of the Charlevoix area is part of what draws people to the Charlevoix during the winter and summer. For anyone wanting a bit of a laid-back winter activity, photographing is another winter activity that is satisfying and less demanding. The beauty of the area is perfect for great photos to fill up your Instagram account. The artist in the family will find plenty of great shots and awesome lighting to take beautiful pictures.

You have chosen a great place to stay at the Edgewater Inn. We are located near so many great winter activities for the family and couples. There is a winter activity for everyone. If you have never tried being pulled by dogs on a sled, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, or skiing while you are here visiting it is a great time to start.

If you are experienced in these winter activities and have never been to this area, you are in for a real treat. Our views are beautiful, our weather is beautiful. We hope you explore and enjoy your winter vacation and spend it out in the fresh air having some fun.